How many Brain Cells have you got left after Chrimbo?

Published on Monday, 17 January 2022 10:56 Hits: 2761

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So how many brain cells have you got left after after all the alcoholic excesses of Chrimbo, not a lot methinks. So here's little quiz from my old mate "The Rozzer" that might either tell you what a good boy (or girl) you were or send you down to see Alcoholics Anonymous (if you can still remember where to go) and don't cheat either to AA when they ask you how much you imbibe or by Googling the answers.

And talking about cheating I remember an SRO who was, allegedly, a regular visitor to the "Long Basket Weaving Course at Netley, used to say "when you arrive at Netley you will be asked how much you drink, if you are on a bottle a day tell them you are on 2 bottles a day and they will give you a bottle". Plus ca change, plus c'cest la breathalyser. Anyway enough of this gay badinage and on to the quiz.

Answers  to follow in a week or so but email your answers to  and points wil be awarded, and points mean prizes. whadda points mean .... PRIZES First prize is a week's holiday in Immingham, Second prize is a two week holiday in Immingham both to be taken during the first week of the next millenium. Never been to Imminham (You haven't lived)? If the River Humber was the "a___hole" of the world, Imminham is 11 miles up it.

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