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South Atlantic Medal, Changes in Eligibility, Sitrep 7

Published on Wednesday, 22 July 2015 18:09 Hits: 10003

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The South Atlantic Medal without Rosette.

Changes to Eligibility.

Sitrep 7.

GnuToday (22 July) I received an email from a member jogging my elbow with SA Medalrespect to the South Atlantic Medal without Rosette and "WHAT THE BL**DY HELL IS GOING ON". He was quite right to so do.

So, and suitably chastened, I answered him with a carefully worded, "Haven't a clue". But then I made a couple of calls.

My first port of call was the Medals Office and they were very helpful indeed however they would only talk about my claim (understandably). They told me that my medal was posted out on the 22nd ie today but then they checked the postal date and it was the 22 June a month ago. As I have not received my medal (to date 22 July) they helpfully checked and it was 22 June, a month ago. They then (again helpfully) checked the delivery address and it was RFA(PERS).

It looks like it is gathering dust in Whale Island and has been for a couple of weeks. It was by then around 16:00 so I tried to phone the Medals Desk in RFA(PERS).... answering machine. Tried a few more numbers in both RFA(PERS) and COMRFA..... answering Machine. So there you have it.

I am sure that RFA(PERS) will be far from happy with this Sitrep but this has gone on for months. I will speak to them in the morning (23 Jul), or at the first opportunity I have when I am not speaking to an answer machine. Should it be proven that I am being unkind to them I will grovel on this site. But for the moment if you have received your medal drop me a line at deputy.chairman@rfa-association.org.uk  otherwise please patient for a little while longer as it does appear that we are nearly there.

If you want to pursue your application via the Medals Office the number to call is 0800 085 3600 and I am sure you will find them very helpful but they will only deal with your application.

PS The wildlife photo of gnus on the Serengeti is just that the latest Gnus.