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Didn't They All Do Well

Published on Friday, 28 September 2012 08:34 Hits: 3080

Category: General News

Today's Operational Honours List yet again reflects the value placed on, and the well deserved recognition given to the RFA and it's people, no longer are we the "Silent Arm of the Senior Service". It gives me a great sense of pride to make this announcement.



Captain Shaun Jones                        OBE

Chief Officer S K Booth                      CJO Commendation

First Officer D K Vernoum                  CJO Commendation

First Officer A C Day                          Fleet Commander Commendation

PO F Strachan                                    Fleet Commander Commendation


What is also worth a very serious mention is that it not just the "Other Bu*g*rs Efforts" that are being recognised, the "Other Bu*g*ers" have been properly recognised (Thanks to Dave Gerrard for that thought)

 On behalf of the RFA Association I offer squillions of BZs to all the recipients of these well deserved awards

Have a look HERE for the full list of awards.

And more BZs

Have a shufti at icon Honours and Awards (2.36 MB) for the extract from JSP 761 Honours and Awards in the Armed Forces.

All I need now is some photographs (preferably embarrasing) of the recipients of these awards. Please send to deputy.chairman@rfa-association.org.uk .

 And even more BZs