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RFAA Pages December 2012 Gunline

Published on Sunday, 24 March 2013 10:41 Hits: 2795

Category: General News

GlineAs most of you cannot fail to have noticed, and as many of you have reminded me, there was no Christmas edition of Gunline in 2012. This is, as I am sure you will appreciate outside the RFA Association's remit. Our pages were submitted back in late November 2012 and have been gathering dust, metaphorically speaking, on both our Chairman's and my computer since then. Our content was quite important as it covered the Dedication of our National Memorial at The National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, and also the memorial service for our former President " Gordon Butterworth.

Whilst we are still trying to find out what the problem has been and of course still is we are, as an interim (hopefully) measure making our pages available for download from this site and you can download them here icon W2012RFAA pages (828.29 kB). We will sitrep this page when  there is any more news on the next edition of Gunline

MarsdenChairman's grovelling appology, In the "Crossed the Bar" article he quite wrongly declared that the late Dave Marsden was a "Deck Officer", as we all know he was, of course, a Supply Officer and a very good one at that.