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The 4th Plinth.

Published on Sunday, 28 July 2013 10:50 Hits: 1370

Category: General News

FA OlwenAs everybody who looks at Ships Nostalgia and of course my offerings on this site will be painfully aware have quite a predilection (not in the biblical sense I hasten to add and it is not a contagious condition although it ought to be) for “O”'Boats. In fact I am sometimes referred to as "O”'Boat Pat"” on the aforementioned website and it is a soubriquet that gives me cause to smile and truly reflects my passion for them.

So can you imagine my dismay when recently, and upon retrieving my copy of the Daily Telegraph from the doormat in anticipation of the crossword accompanied by my morning’s steaming cup of Tetley’s (well Yorkshire Tea actually, I stopped drinking Tetley’s when the then owner closed the Redcar Steelworks, "Ethical Tea Swigging" and all that) with a Hobnob (none of the chocolate ones I am on Borisa diet after all) and was confronted by an artistic excrescence on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. See picture, not the Mayor in the middle or the lady on the right tastefully shading her eyes at the sight of such a large co.. (I can't even bring myself to say it) blue rooster but the blue bird itself. Dear old Horatio must be turning in his grave, in fact I believe he is actually known as “Spinning Horry” in that “Big RAS Corridor in the Sky”.

Fourth PlinthSo I set myself the task of answering the 168 year old conundrum, what should adorn the 4th Plinth. Well that took me a mere 10 minutes (and a very, and I do mean very, large Dandelion and Burdock (Yeeah right) to resolve. Think on this, what type of ship truly epitomises all that is painted grey…..Right first time…..an “’O’Boat” so with that in mind I commissioned my Chief Architect and keeper of the Prozac, one George Lowcock, to come up with a design and here it is, enjoy.

Where do we go next, well I think a campaign of letters to our Members of Parliament demanding (we do pay their wages after all) their full and equivocal support, so do get on with it. A national campaign to recognise the vital part played by “’O’Boats” in the defeat of Communism and the end of the Cold War and their contribution to the continued security of the Nation, they may be gone but their spirit lingers on, so get on with that as well.