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The (New) New TideBoats.

Published on Friday, 30 January 2015 15:52 Hits: 3273

Category: General News

Cutting SteelTechnically, I suppose, they should be known as the "New Tides" as the last "New Tides" (Tidespring and Tidepool) were actually the "Improved Tides" although they were invariably known as the "New Tides". But enough of this pedantry. We have finally managed to acquire some photographs of the Tidespring under construction at Daewoo's shipyard in Korea.

The photograph here shows Commodore Dorey pressing the button to begin the cutting of steel for Tidespring.


Daewoo's Korean Shipyard.

RFA TIDESPRING – Keel laying in DSME No 2 deck, block 20A the amidships cargo fuel section

RFA TIDESPRING – Block 20A is in place, centreline issue tank illustrated well, as are double hulling at ships sides and bottom.

RFA TIDESPRING – Blocks 10A and 11B in place, the double bottom sections of the cargo pump room, Auxiliary Machinery Spaces and Forward Engine Room